Monday, 18 October 2010

Dirty Sanchez

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie

Verdict: unwatchable

No usual introduction seems appropriate when discussing four boys who have seen the line of common human decency, and then triple jumped right over it. One infamous exploit led to them being decried as 'repulsive', 'repugnant' and 'obscene' by reviewers of their 2006 movie. The act in question? Eating one of the group's fat, suctioned out by dodgy Thai liposuction just hours before. There is plenty more of this in the group's tv exploits, and the gag reflex which occasionally assaults me during a viewing leaves me confident that I shall never, EVER be going to rent out their film. It's all yours, gentleman.

One of the show's four stars, 'Pancho', stapling his tongue to a desk.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Kell On Earth

on watching yet another episode of the eponymous series -
my head, oh god, my head. I don't know how anyone in the office manages that environment, cos I feel like I've spent a full week at work just watching that show. The wan Stephanie Skinner is subjected to a tongue-lashing from the three witches of Eastwick. If there's any chance of her trawling her name through google alerts; stay strong! You have a lovely shaped face, that's nothing to do with anything but it should help in certain circumstances.

I'm not sure how much of the aforementioned tongue lashing was deserved: obviously you feel for the girl after watching her and the rest of the office going quietly insane during LDN fashion week, but after reading Emily's blog (on Bravo) and seeing her take I could understand how one could get frustrated if her junior had a hundred tabs open on her computer and was floundering without action. However, lets face it she was a bitch in that moment; also, her faux-vargas fringe and lipstick colour are monumentally distracting. Andrew M is his usual fabulous self, missing the one-shouldered dress though I have to say. Also, why isn't at least 40 minutes of screen time devoted to him? I love his and tandrew's semi-relationship, I like to think of them holidaying in Jacksonville together, andrew m grimacing behind an umbrella and tandrew basking like a lizard in all his perma bronzed glory.

Kelly is working on her book, "If you're going to cry, go outside"
Her as a PR girl is slightly paradoxical for me; for someone that professes to speak the gospel truth she sure works in a bullshitting industry. Although, I have seen her fawning over some truly terrible excuses for designers: that idiot Petrous and his copycat Pugh designs being a case in point. Next week, we look forward to Tandrew breaking down and general frivolity being taken very, very seriously.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Derulo, obvious intent

How weirdly literal is Jason Derulo? Case in point:

"I'm puttin on my cover up my eyes"

"ridin solo. S. O. L. O. "

It's like the muppets for an older audience.