Thursday, 21 July 2011

more underground hip hop

Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 my peeps (unreleased remix) - the one song spotify has of them, which is pretty amazing in itself

Things I've listened to and vetoed

Clandestien - The Dynasty
HA. where are they from???? Australia. I need to veto this one.

Foreign Beggars - Asylum Speakers
Low rent Lethal Bizzle, if such a thing exists. i don't need to hear the refrain 'still gettin it' 200 x before any verse, thanks

Hilltop Hoods - A Matter Of Time - I think I pretty much need to ban any australian rap.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Music I need to get on

I need a little changeup in my cd playa (playa playa playa x 65), as Wu Tang is not appropriate for cruising in traffic of a majority white neighbourhood at 8am.

Hi-Tek: Hiteknology
Jurassic 5

KLash and Genesis Elijah
Beware - Big Pun
Verb T & Harry Love - Back To Basics.
beatnuts - take it or squeeze it
K Salaam: The World Is Ours
Scorzayzee - King of Notts mixtape
Young Jeezy
Q-Tip - Amplified
Slick Rick
Custom made

bone thugs-n-harmomy

Non Phixion
unknown prophets.
strange fruit project - the healing
prefuse 73
the visionaries

styles of beyond
7L and estoric

old gems
Take A Walk - Masta Ace
Paparazzi - Xzibit
ice cube - the predator
Killah Priest
Boot Camp Click
Masta Killa

Anthony B

Song specific
Pharcyde - Back in the Day
Visionaries-We Are the Ones (Weve Been Waiting For)
Illegal Business by Boogie Down Productions
rakim's the 18th letter (actually, this is an album)

KRS One and True Masta: Meta Historical

Bullshit bullshit bullshit: the boredom of procrastination

Why am I so filled with ennui? Lethargic, apathetic, and with a cough that can really clear a room (I experimented with this at last night's screening of Harry Potter: The Final One, Bitches. Interestingly, people really love Harry enough to put up with two hours of my phlegm.)

In the last hour I have been making a list on Microsoft Word on what I would pack if there was a zombie plague. It turns out I am no Bear Grylls because I keep accidentally packing things like pewter ornaments with girls stroking unicorns in there. I can't even fake-pack sensibly, what is wrong with me.

What could I take? The first practical thought that comes to mind is a spare change of dry clothes. I'm my mother's daughter, really, no matter how hard I try and cultivate the manic pixie (which wouldn't work because I'm not thin enough to be one. It seems like there should be a weight barrier on manix pixie-ness, doesn't there? Kirsten Dunst in Crazy/Beautiful [and real life], Taryn Manning, MaryKate Olsen, Paz de la Huerta...all skinnies)

Rope, I suppose, a stanley knife - all those things that would literally never come in handy in real life but would be perfect for zombo-apocalypse. A torch? Bin bags? Because if no-one has come to clear my rubbish in a month now, fat chance there'll be someone when night creatures prowl the streets.

Speaking of Harry Potter, Harry Potter review:

It was good. Not as good as the last one, better than the first one with all that shit computer re-imagining of quidditch. I haven't seen the rest. Also, I have a very rational love for Rupert Grint and his terrible, terrible acting.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

So, guess it's the shallow world of Entertainment journalism

The title of my blog, levin or anna, would suggest that I am merging the two worlds of physical and intellectual. Sadly, with the last of a friend's horses sold off, and bills to pay I find myself trudging along the busy path of entertainment journalism. Before you feel too sorry for me, remember I get to meet (well, stare at) people like Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz - not bad, huh.

If I was reading this, I'd be thinking, "I don't give a shit about your own personal growth, I want the dirt dished on celebs." Having left a media law course incomplete (because it was so full of ennui), I'm not really well versed at getting sued up the ass and so forth, so maybe I'll verr on the cautious side. All statements below are personal opinion, not verified truth. Please don't hurt me.

Johnny Depp: Very nice and very charming and very funny. I know, BORING, right? From what I can tell he has a healthy and happy marriage. If he has cheated on Vanessa I haven't heard a whiff of it.

Penelope Cruz: very groomed, slightly prone to fits of grumpiness, though I suppose this may be attributed to her wild Spanish side (not to stereotype at all!) I did meet her when she was preggo though, and if anything will put you in a bad mood, that will.

Mike Grubbs (the bartender on One Tree Hill): Woofh, really keeping it A list on here! Very nice and charming, almost British. Because obv. you can't be either of these two things if you're not British.

Tom Cruise: all I can say, is, Katie Holmes ain't gettin any

Drake: All I can say, is, Nicki Minaj or Rihanna or whatever video honey he's rumoured to be with....none of them are gettin any. Isn't it interesting that very famous people are linked with very famous people? Publicity drive, mebbe?

stay tuned....