Friday, 30 April 2010

Taylor Swift, the serial white dress wearer

So, we have Miley with her peace-sign making and some kind of ripped denim, Taylor Momsen with raccoon eyes and visible garters, Avril Lavigne and her faux-emo chains and wristbands

A while ago I noticed that Taylor Swift had another 'thing', a sign visible to all in the way of the white dress. The message? I am virginal. I am a girl. I am a good girl. I am America's sweetheart, the daughter you never had, and I would never have pre-marital sex and raise the child on YOUR tax money. She even references it in her song 'Love Story', the lyric being, "I talked to your dad/now go pick out a white dress/It's a love story/ Baby just say yes" Inneresting.

Being the investigative sleuth that I am, I decided to do some trawling through the interweb and try and find every image I could of Taylor and her white dress.

This is from a very basic google images search (accreditations below) I know the comments have been a little dysfunctional lately (dam blogspot), but add your own if you can. I wonder if she's trying to tell us anything?

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