Saturday, 14 January 2012

Celebrity Blind Vices, take 2.

If you'll take a look back at my earlier musings on celebrities' dirty little secrets, you'll see that I clearly made a huge error in thinking one couple in celeb-land are happy. According to various sources, Johnny Depp has been playing away/or just flirting, but in either case rumour has it that him and Vanessa Paradis are near Splitsville (probably one of my least favourite noughties phrases EVER, by the way. I'm ashamed of myself). Take a look:

Don't think that's him? One more then:


Ok, that still looks like a crappy impersonator, but it honestly is him with his publicist, aka Robin Baum. Yes they could be kissing on the cheek, but I wouldn't get that friendly with someone I hired. It'll be a shame if they split; I think it's quite nice they've been together for 14yrs and not got married - hooray for unconventional relationships! But clearly, the celebrity machine has chewed up and spat out another couple. 

On the plus side, guess who might be single soon? 

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