Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Baby's first Vogue Cover: Taylor Swift

The girl done good! Taylor Swift had her first Vogue cover and photoshoot, and the pictures are pretty beautiful. I think it was DListed who described Taylor as looking like: 'Chinese trailer trash', and as mean as that is (I would say racist but the writer at DListed is Asian so that makes it ok? No?), I seriously have not been able to get that description out of my head for about two years. Now, she's casting off her virginal, white-dress persona with the help of some serious styling.

Well, maybe this will do it. Taylor styled like Stevie Nicks/Talitha Getty/Eighties supermodel/Twiggy with floppy hats, long kaftans, freckles and some seriously blue eyes.

Taylor Swift Vogue shoot, looking very Cavalli-esque

Huge fringed poncho, sunglasses and super tight jeans - love this. She's a frickin rockstar, why doesn't she wear this all the time? She could easily be in a Roberto Cavalli advert.

Tay Swift Vogue shoot by Mario Testino. See the bald man?

Ok, the hat is slightly too big in the back, but more distracting is the bald man who APPEARS TWICE in the picture. It reminds me of Scubs when Turk is annoyed he appears twice in the brochure for a college he never went to so they could ramp up the diversity. Is Vogue trying to stop people calling it bald-ist? Or am I baldist and this is two different men?

Taylor Swift vogue shoot with fireplace

NICE  home decor. I want that fireplace.

Taylor wearing Rodarte. I knew there was a reason it was my fave.

Probably my favourite shot; I like the fringe, the long sweeping kaftan by the lovely Rodarte sisters, and the Eastern insouciance. If she'd been smoking hookah it would be the perfect picture.

The cover! Taylor Swift for Vogue Feb 2012

Last but not least: the cover. See what I mean about her eyes being blue? The fringe is a little over-straightened for my taste, but I see where they were going. Hopefully this shoot will inspire her to chuck away the virginal white dresses and take a step up the fashion ladder. I'm thankful she's not in cutouts/rippedjeans/bustiers, but there's only so many nude princess frocks a girl can wear.

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