Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pretty Little Liars, S2 Ep 7

NB: I've changed the blog's name from levinoranna to lowbrowguilt. I wanted popculture whore but that name was taken by someone who hasn't updated their blog in six years. Blerg!

I fully intend to recap all of Pretty Little Liars, but for now I'm watchin season 2, episode 7.
So basically, Aria is with Ezra but Jason is vying for her attention in that floppy haired way of his. Spencer is still gazing around like an excitable fawn, and trying to wrestle hockey sticks out of her dads hands, Emily is living with Hannah while she studies and tries to get a scholarship that she lied and told her parents she had. Finally, Hannah is back with Caleb, learning about his shady past conning people at the DMV. Or something, I was too busy staring at him to fully take in the plotline.

Jason and Aria, Pretty Little Liars

One thing I like about Pretty Little Liars is how effectively it sends shiver up your spine. To be honest, I have no idea what's going on half the time, or why Aria is dismayed to find that Officer Garrett has a ceramic pot of Jenna (the blind one) in his house, but I still got goosebumps when Spencer got a text that says: 'DO NOT TRUST GARRETT' while she's sitting in the car with him.

It will end up annoying me that we never find out who A is. Or who killed Alison. I still maintain that Alison is still alive, like some wild Tupac conspiracy theorist. The suspects now stand at:
Emily's dad.
Spencer's dad, who is looking pretty shifty at this point. Who throws a potential murder weapon into a fire?
That one with the funny nose who's going out with Spencer. wtf is his name?
One of the girls.

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