Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Kreayshawn says she is asexual, I just think she smokes too much weed


So, I love Kreayshawn. Yes ‘Gucci Gucci’ is hella annoying, but at least it introduced ‘basic bitches’ into the mainstream lexicon. She just seems fragile, like a baby bird you want to quietly stroke while it coos in a basket. But she just did something really stupid by telling xojane that she’s asexual.

Nooo! She falls under the 1% of celebrities who are too open about their personal life. Don’t let someone quote you on that! It’s not like Tim Gunn, who to be honest, after 29 years of not having sex is probably pretty clear in his life decisions. Two years is not that bad, especially if you’re a massive pot-head. Listen to what she says about her drug habits.

“I’ve been smoking over an eighth, and that’s just on a normal smoking relax, and this is between two or three people. We had some hash oil last night, so that was crazy. I’ve sipped sirrup, which is like cough syrup, promethazine and codeine. And prescriptions, but I don’t play around. I’ve never done shrooms or coke or acid. I’m a little skinny girl. I’m scared.”

Awww. Kush seriously does kill the sex drive. How the hell Lil Wayne has about 13 children, I don’t know.

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