Thursday, 19 January 2012

Courtney Stodden loves animals, or something

Well this is a non-bit of news about our favourite 45-year-old teenager Courtney Stodden. The child bride (of 'Green Mile' actor Doug Hutchinson - everyone calls him that because that was basically the only film he's ever been in in his 51 years) istalking about helping PETA. I'm so bored of PETA's faux-shock tactics. The only reason actresses pose for the charity is they want people to see them naked under the guise of 'a good cause.' This is Courtney's quote of why she wants to help out:

'We have two doggies and one kitty. Bizarre is my pink dog, and we have a little teacup yorkie her name’s Tuna and we have a havana brown cat, Chocolate Monkey,' she said.

Puppy love: Courtney kisses her furry friends as she poses up for the camera
Courtney Stodden with her non-rescue dogs
 'I will be discussing ways to help animals, what you guys can do. Ways to support PETA and ways to help save lives.'

'I’ve always loved animals. Animals are innocent creatures and they’re beautiful and they need help and we can help them. Growing up I was surrounded by a house of animals, kittens, dogs and my heart has been completed because animals are wonderful companions.'

Smitten for kittens: Posing with abandoned pets from LA. Animal Services, Courtney spoke to the camera about why she has become a vegetarian
That cat is for sure trying not to get glitter on his haunches
'I am [here] with a little girl kitty, she is from the LA Animal Services. There are about 7 to 8 million animals right now who need homes. So if your thinking about purchasing an animal and welcoming a beautiful angelic creature into your home, please get them from animal shelters.”

So to sum up, she can buy her animals from private owners and/or puppy mills, but you definitely shouldn't. And she can dye her dogs pink, because that's not weird at all. 

Fame-hungry: Courtney wears her stripper-style heels for a shopping date with husband Doug earlier this month
It almost makes me want to serve up a nice big plate of dog a la Korea. I can't wait for her reality show, though - I wonder what she takes (percocet or vicodin are my two guesses). There's no way she's not a pharmaceutical druggie; you'd have to be to get raunchy with that every night.

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